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Why Ron Paul pt. 2: Individual Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

by on January 16, 2012

                For those who have even moderately followed my blogs it should be readily apparent my views on moral exhibitionism and those social conservatives who pray to whomever for a homogenous society of WASPs. Be it the debate over the drug war, gay marriage, or this seemingly ambiguous notion of the ‘pursuit of happiness’ that somehow found itself scribbled on our Founding Document. Yet again, we have only one real candidate who sees these issues through the understanding of the Constitution and individual liberty- two things held dearly by the Founders. This candidate is Ron Paul

                Obama did, not too far back, rid this country of that abominable DADT policy that marginalized certain men and women according to who turns them on and who they envision standing next to them reciting vows. To this I will give Obama credit and applaud him for doing what to me seems so damn obvious. Now, on to bigger things:

                Currently we are spending approximately 60 billion dollars a year (let me spell that out- $60,000,000,000 a year) fighting this supposed ‘war on drugs’ which has been nonsensical since the first marijuana laws were passed in the early twentieth century. With every drug czar that gives his/her two minute report we are reminded how this is the ‘good fight’ and how we are ‘winning’ while more and more synthetic drugs are being concocted and numerous studies have found that it is easier for a non-adult to acquire illegal narcotics then those currently legal and regulated. We actually lock people up for enjoying a plant that grows naturally on this earth- which says volumes to those creationists who argue that God made it all- in essence, on this one plant among many- we are telling him he screwed up. We treat nicotine and alcohol abuse as a medical problem…yet the other substances which politicians for decades have screamed about are treated in a legal manner- just throw them in jail; that’ll fix em’.  

                In regards to both the silly war on drugs and even gay marriage- I fall in line with the notion of liberty and individual freedom espoused by the utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill. The notion is very simple- one should be able to do what one wants as long as he/she doesn’t hurt anyone or inhibit their exercise of freedom and liberty. Why is such a notion so hard to understand to these moral exhibitionists? As F.A. Hayek noted in his wonderful essay ‘Why I am not a Conservative’- the conservatives feel that, through one way or another, he/she has inherited or acquired a standard that everyone else should fall in line with. This is blatant totalitarianism pure and simple. The notion of individual liberty and democracy is incorporating numerous pursuits of happiness- not one. For if it was just one notion of the pursuit of happiness…one would figure that the founders would have mentioned it at one point or another.

                The same applies to gay marriage as it applies to drugs. If your neighbors are gay men or gay women and they aren’t engaging in ‘fun’ on your front lawn- why do you care? If your neighbor enjoys a joint after a long day after work while you enjoy a beer- why the hell do you care?

                Ron Paul has consistently talked on the drug war and its absolute failure. With the stringent drug laws having hardly any effect, many people today are getting hooked on synthetic drugs which are 100 times more harmful (meth, huffing, pain pills) while the pharmaceutical industry and private prisons lobby to keep drugs illegal- keep this in mind dear readers. There isn’t a Mad Mothers Against Pot Smokers like there was with alcohol during prohibition, no , these are multi-national businesses who want you to get hooked on their drugs or worry that their stock price will fall due to a lack of inmates.

                Ron Paul has consistently argued that the government should get out of marriage altogether- for this would really help the matter. Why the hell does someone in Washington DC get to tell me who I can marry? Why does someone in Washington DC get to tell me what I can do after work in the privacy of my own home? Does this not worry you at all?

                See, when the welfare state and warfare state grow- so does the governments’ involvement in your personal life. The recent smoking ban in public places here in Idaho is proof of this. Follow this logic with me folks. There are cigarette shops here in town that caters exclusively to smokers- they just sell cigarettes- that’s it. They use to have a sign that said ‘SF- Smoker Friendly’ meaning that you could go in with a lit cigarette to purchase even more cigarettes and that is now banned. They banned smoking from a store that only sells cigarettes. There are even proposed bans on those electronic cigarettes that only emit a light water vapor when exhaled. As far as this is concerned, the business owners should decide for themselves what are the appropriate policies- not fascist special interest groups nor any government.

                This is incorporating private property rights, individual liberty, and personal responsibility- all things Ron Paul has championed and all other candidates have ignored. Sure, they want to get rid of Obamacare because that’s just ‘too much government’ but a man and a man becoming one is just not acceptable. The level of selective ‘freedom-fighting’ is appalling at minimum and blatantly ideological at one minute’s reflection.

                Both the neo-liberals and the neo-conservatives want to run your life one way or another. Tell you what to believe in, who to love, what to enjoy, how to spend your money, what school your kid goes to, which doctor you should see, what enemy (real or fictional) you should hate, and on and on. Frankly, I’m sick of it. I want all the ‘do-gooder’ hypocritical politicians to just leave office and go picket outside a huka (sp?) bar or something. Go throw water at people wearing Birkenstocks. I won’t post it here, but for those who doubt the extent that politicians want to control your life and think that the pursuit of happiness is a farce- right on youtube is an interview with Rick Santorum entitled ‘the pursuit of happiness is destroying America’- and he says exactly that. He argues for a social homogeny that mirrors a lab filled with white mice. Wake up people…for once you give them a foot, they will tell you what shoe to wear. Ron Paul 2012!!!!


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