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Who is to Blame? OWS Examined

by on November 10, 2011

In the illusory realm of partisan politics we continually find a predictable phenomenon. The left routinely bashes corporations, wall street, and the super wealthy. The right routinely bashes the government; from entitlement programs to its continual growth and expansion. The Tea Party serves as a paradigm of the right- for them, history began with Obama, the problem began with Obama. Now, it seems that the OWS protests are filled with nothing but the youthful agitators of the left. The media presented the Tea Party members as redneck fundamentalists fully armed while the OWS are being portrayed as loony socialists who are delusional, if not in fact criminal. Recently, the likes of Hermain Cain and Rudy Guliani have weighed in with what amounts to ‘screw them, get a job, quit complaining.’ I’m here to respond from a perspective that isn’t offered on mainstream media or the goofball political pundits.

First off, from what I’ve been told, the OWS protesters are blaming the receivers of the money, not the senders of the money; demonstrating some level of misdirection on the part of the protesters. Well, this is the first fallacy. To present Wall Street as mere receivers of the Leviathan’s generous intentions is to wear a cloak of naivety made of iron. It has recently been noted that President Obama has been the largest recipient of Wall Street money in US history. Now, it should be noted that Wall Street has been throwing money at Presidential candidates and the victors for quite some time. Let’s not forget that there are approximately 70 lobbyists for each congressmen and I don’t think the lobbyists are representing TCBY or Pizza Hut.

The point I am trying to make is that there is no differing between the receivers and the senders of this garbage. Wall Street, corporations, the government, and other institutions of influence are so meshed together; so complete with a state of the art revolving door that it is hard to really find one of the aforementioned institutions solely to bear all responsibility. Think of all the federal regulatory committees that exist and look at the members filling the slots; then correlate their resumes with their previous employment at the corporations they are now regulating. Aren’t you a bit distressed, to say the least, that food companies don’t have to disclose the origins of their food or that they don’t have to label if the food has been genetically modified at all? Well, how has this massive industry done this so successfully- denying millions of concerned citizens the information to make a responsible choice? Perhaps because the members of the FDA are cronies from the corporations that they are now regulating. This just serves as one example of the meshing of institutions- does one protest the FDA or the corporations? Who do we blame? Honestly, you might as well spin a roulette wheel and realize that the exposure of one will only beg the attention of the next.

The point is is that we must understand that the problem isn’t just the government, it isn’t just the corporations, it’s not just Wall Street. The state capitalism or ‘free-market socialism’ as Hayek referred to it, encourages this exact situation we as Americans find ourselves in. I support the OWS protests as they are at least attacking one leg of this corrupt system.


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  1. Very true. The other aspect also is the loss of voice of the voters. Isn’t it amazing that not one representative has thought about meeting up with the protestors to understand their greviences? I’m sure they have a lot of time to listen to the lobbyists and that represents the core issue that the OWS protestors are fighting against.

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