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Democracy Schizophrenia

by on March 23, 2011

                Today it seems hard to find an American who enthusiastically supports Hugo Chavez and for those that do, it certainly seems that there isn’t much airtime given to your views. Personally, I’m not entirely sure what I think of Hugo Chavez and here is a quick reason why: the reasons given are so fundamentally hypocritical that they make me laugh. First off, he is a dictator…..and? For regardless of all the garbage foundations we’ve created like the National Endowment for Democracy along with the banter of terrorist hating out ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty,’ coupled with our insistence that we are ‘for freedom and democracy, America’s record of ‘democracy promotion’ in any sense is practically laughable. From the initial stipulations and goals of the Monroe Doctrine through the wonderful years of Wilsonian Idealism, we have gladly installed military-fascist dictators in countries in South America and the Middle East and other parts of the world. From overthrowing democratic sovereign countries (Chile) to pretending that we actually liberated a country which in fact was just about to fully liberate itself (Cuba, not 1959 of course) only to install a dictator upon the supposed US-backed liberation, to overthrowing a democratic government to ensure a Middle East oil monopoly (Iran 1953), America has been more than accommodating to ruthless dictators. I could list them but I rather encourage you to.  I mean, just to throw out one example which is selected with the preemptive goal of riling up the one of the two political ideologies that seems to endorse such hypocrisy, Ronald Reagan during his administration actually said that Chilean dictator Pinochet was a man of ‘strong personal integrity.’ Although, you Kennedy loving liberals, Kennedy was no slouch when it came to upholding America’s Hegemony through any means.

                Now, I only introduce this piece with Chavez because he is quite popular in the US News for being a ‘dictator’ who is against ‘freedom’ by practicing such things as ‘censorship’ and other oppressive measures. Well, possibly, I do not necessarily doubt this. However, this information is coming from the same news sources (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) that stated that it was Hugo Chavez supporters that started the gunfights (blasted all over the news) leading to the coup that removed him and installed a US backed military dictator who within just a short amount of time after his ‘through the dark’ inauguration cancelled elections, cancelled the constitution, and returned things to the fascistic standard well known in the history of Latin America. It was only later revealed that it was not the Hugo Chavez supporters but the anti-Chavez activists that had actually started the shooting and the Chavez supporters were defending themselves.  Not to mention the continual assurance that the US had nothing to do with the coup that took out the Democratically Elected President Hugo Chavez, later finding out that as opposed to the standard practices of the 50’s and 60’s where we just sent the CIA down to take care of it (Guatemala in the early 50’s and Chile under Nixon/Kissinger), we ‘indirectly’ funded the coup by sending money through that wonderfully aforementioned organization hypocritically named The National Endowment for Democracy, fully knowing what that money was going to be used for.

                Dear readers, I don’t like dictators, nor do I like any form of political oppression, but America’s history is as concerned with democracy in foreign countries as it is becoming more and more clear in this country- contingent on certain variables. I can appreciate the argument that sometimes you have to ‘deal with the devil’- hell, we did it with Stalin in helping us defeat the Nazi’s we so lovingly embraced until the numbers of Auschwitz came out. However, there is a difference between dealing with a devil that already exists and installing devils in countries that seemed to be attempting to achieve what this country celebrates with a growing doubt- democracy, freedom, and sovereignty.  I only ask for consistency, if that is not possible to do due to the more or less idealistic realism that is continually flaunted, than proudly celebrate the hypocrisy.


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  1. Douglas Pickett permalink

    Reading this made reminded me of several quotes from H. L. Mencken. Loved it!

  2. Thank you kindly, I have been recommended Mencken on several occasions, I need to become more familiar with him it seems.

  3. Sam permalink

    Good article! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I am a bit skeptical about one historical detail you mentioned in this article. You write that “we” lovingly embraced the Nazis up until the point that we found out they were committing genocide on the Jews, and I would love to see some evidence on that.

    From what I have read, most western governments (including ours) were quite wary of the Nazi regime from the moment it came to power. It’s true that some American businesses may have had some financial interest in Nazi Germany, but I’m not sure you could say “we” (which I take to mean the U.S. government) embraced them lovingly.

  4. I should have qualified the ‘we’ more thoroughly. By ‘we’ I am obviously not including all of Congress or more local political officials, nor necessarily the majority of the masses. I am more wanting to mention the intelligentsia of the US before and during the rise of the Third Reich. From IBM to Coca Cola outright doing ‘legal’ (as opposed to the restrictions of dealing today with say Iran- which is still done but through subsidiaries) business with the Nazi’s knowing full well the political philosophy and intent behind the fascist rulers.
    Within the context of the intelligentsia, I am including the landmark case by which the coercive sterilization of Carrie Buck was seen as Constitutional, the legislation posed by eye doctors to sterilize those who had poor eye sight. Both APA’s (American Psychology Association, American Philosophy Association) proudly celebrated the initial steps taken by the Nazi’s, not just towards Jews- but the handicapped, ‘gypsies,’ homosexuals, and other so called social ‘problems.’
    The first journal put out concerning the eventual global dreams (Eugenics Journal Quarterly) was constructed in America.
    The Oil-Steel Barrons of America- Rockefeller-Carnegie, etc. not only officially funded the Nazi’s but funded the first eugenics research center in Cold Harbor Springs, NY in the early 20th century. Which included many visits to Germany to research and write praising articles concerning the ‘reforms’ the Nazi’s had taken towards both racial and ‘genetic’ minorities. This does include hopeful aspirations of achieving the freedom to enact the same legislation here.
    In Hitler’s writings, if I recall even in Mein Kampf, American eugenicists are praised for their research in social defects and the cost on taxpayers and the every growing hopes on a continually striving country.
    In summation, I suggest reading the two major works by Edwin Black: ‘IBM and the Holocaust,’ and ‘War Against the Weak.’ The organizations that were behind the Nazi’s financially, ideologically, and structurally are too many to mention.
    One further point worth mentioning in the context of US support for Fascism is the side we took during the Spanish Civil War, such authors as Noam Chomsky have illustrated the hypocrisy in our foreign policy of ‘democracy promotion abroad’ by highlighting not only our endorsement of Franco on the lines of combating the Soviets, but on ideological lines, on support for the state ran capitalism and bureaucratic infrastructure brimming with ultra-nationalism. For this correlative information, I recommend Chomsky’s ‘On Anarchism’

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